The Language of Fractured Identities: non-national formations of Irishness, 1880-1923

This conference aims to explore Irish identity, concentrating on the formation of non-national Irishness, 1880-1923. With the focus of current historical dialogue centering on constructions of the state during the Irish Revolutionary period, this conference seeks to explore the formation of Irish identities beyond the realm of national politics.

In approaching this issue from a multi-disciplinary viewpoint, the conference aims to utilize expertise in history, language and religion in order to explore how individuals of groups of Irish formed their identity through their actions, writings and beliefs. Papers will investigate ways in which individuals communicated Irishness beyond the national narrative.

As a means of exploring the formation of non-national ‘Irishness’, panels will include ‘interrogating a nationalist identity’, ‘religious minorities in Ireland’, ‘literary formations of Irishness’ and ‘the Irish abroad’.


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